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Mind Maps help users to find effective ways of thinking through issues and make connections to the bigger picture. While FreeMind may lack the tabs, buttons and other flashy interface elements common in commercial mind mapping tools, FreeMind is still top-grade mind mapping software. The reason many people choose this application over others is due to the accessible controls and excellent cross-platform compatibility. The team says the program supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Additionally, you can use FreeMind for the Android and iPhone mobile platforms.

The aspect where FreeMind excels is the simplistic control system that requires little learning. However, should you run into problems, you can use FAQ, which provides excellent documentation to fill the gaps in understanding. If you have never created a mind map, you want to start with software that makes it easy to understand. While FreeMind lacks the aesthetic appeal, that also helps to simplify the process. Additionally, FreeMind understands that you may have built something you want to use later, so they allow you to import FreeMind's map files into other programs.

FreeMind is a Java-based application designed to make the process of mind mapping as intuitive as possible. When you start with FreeMind, you use Child Node, which is your main subject. You can write the title in many font sizes and styles.

The addition and removal of items on your map is extraordinarily simple, but the interface suffers from a lack of clarity and organization. FreeMind supports hyperlinks to link to websites. Moreover, you can export your landscape in many formats that include PDF, HTML and JPEG. Some might be frustrated by the older-style logical structure because to insert nodes, you must do it by hand or use a hotkey. You cannot create them with the click-and-drag system that might be easier.

FreeMind has become a popular open-source application for mind mapping because there are no useless menus. The interface provides a clean design with excellent graphical representation for various types of items and attributes. Each element has the option of being edited, and you can add visual representations to identify them later. You can also assign priority numbers with FreeMind. One of the interesting features of FreeMind is the encrypted nodes and maps. With this feature, you can protect individual items or the entire document.

FreeMind makes a magnificent choice for beginners because they do not have to expend a great deal of effort to learn how to use it. With this software, you will have a tool that helps you to shape, name and master the idea you are thinking about. This software can help you to visualize a paper, project or process.


  • Free open-source software
  • Many annotations to choose from
  • Subject and related items are easy to add
  • The software is compatible for many various platforms


  • Many of the annotations are not useful
  • The annotation bar is terribly crowded

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